A visit with Sam Doyle, January 1985


In early January 1985, I visited with Sam Doyle (1906-1985) in Frogmore, South Carolina. Here are some photos of his outdoor art gallery that featured pictorial histories of the Gullah community and the Penn school as well as  paintings illustrating  African-American advancement and the depiction of local characters such as Food Stamp, He/She, Mr. Fool, Mrs. Fool, Ramblin’ Rose, Rockin’ Mary, and root doctors Crow, Buzzard, Eagle, Hawk, and Bug.







Hunting-Island-SCSt. Helena’s Island

John on St Helena John Seawright

John at Sam Doyle'sJohn Seawright







3 thoughts on “A visit with Sam Doyle, January 1985

  1. This reminds me of when we went to visit the Rev. Howard Finster [?] back in 1990 or so. I enjoyed that a lot. Then we ate in Crawfordsville [?] and visited your uncles somewhere out in the woods.

  2. Sam D was so wonderful. Listening to the Spirit world through a shell. I didn’t recall that Hag sitting on the guys face – pretty funny. All the many characters in Sam’s life and work! Just flowing right in, flowing right out, everybody together. Thanks for sending this Sam. Good memories

  3. Hey Sam – great to see these photos. Looks like you were there around the same time that I was. The Corcoran show, Black Folk Art In America, really changed everything for Doyle. Did you guys see the “Too Sweet Disco” just up the road from Frogmore? Hope you all are doing well. We live in Salt Lake City now! Lauren is teaching at U of Utah and making great work. She got the Joan Mitchell this year! We bought a house and I built a small studio. This area is cold but beautiful. I have started skiing again! Love to see you if you are ever out this way! – Andy N.

    On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 9:45 PM, Sam Seawright

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